Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today - August 14th - Wednesday - 1:11pm - three minutes of stillness

Today, practice three minutes of stillness with friends at distances. Or, with close by friends. I plan to do so today at 1:11pm (Pacific Daylight Time). Join me at that time - regardless of place. Or, even do it at some other time today. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meditation Today

Dear Meditators,

What do we do when we meditate?
Seemingly, we are sitting, doing nothing. And this is enough, isn't it?

For imagine what this movement is really about. If every single person in our world could take a moment, or even three moments, each day, to sit and quiet the mind... And what comes with a quiet mind? Gratitude; perhaps first for the realization that mind is not all that is--the mind is not you, no, it is only a tool for you to use how you will. Like all tools it can have many purposes, like for careless misuse, or for stunning displays of beauty...

You may find you awaken to the Truth that perhaps there is an influence that the mind has been deprived of, but that it so desperately needs and cries for: the Heart. And with your concentration alone you not only realize, but recognize the heart in all its massive importance! Some of us even feel our heart center in our chest for the first time, we see a warm soft glow which has always been burning.

This fire is yours to command how you will once you invite your mind to fan the flame...

A heart friend